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Gift Giving Ideas

The giving of gifts is an all year round event and the perfect gift can lift a mood, celebrate a relationship or event, or simply remind a friend or a loved one that you care. Often times the most appreciated gifts are those that the recipient would like, but wouldn't necessarily purchase for themselves. If you are short on ideas, here are some of our favourites that will delight even the most discerning recipient.

Pamper Gifts

Combine Lollia’s Always in Rose Perfumed Bath Oil with a matching rich body butter to create an indulgent dreamy moisturising and hydration duo.

Twenty Something

For the Gen Z's in our lives, its all about experiencing the latest trends and feeling good so the whole gift buying process for some of us older folk can seem a little daunting. Our top picks are all about the feel good factor, lifting the mood and making a statement. Our top picks are from US Designer Margot Elena's latest brand Infinite She. Fearless is a wild and woody fragrance with notes of wild geranium blooms surrounded by rich, hardy Rosewood for a striking impression and comes in a handy roller ball size. Add to the gift ensemble with

our stunning real opal earrings to let them know they really are your star and to top it off don't forget a relaxing rich berry eye mask as all Gen Z's need their sleep!

Mum, Mom, Mother

Whatever your name for her, this super VIP deserves the loveliest gift. We've selected a dreamy Flowering Willow & Lotus Imagine Candle from our Lollia collection accompanied by an Imagine Bubble Bath and bath pillow. A luxurious and thoughtful gift.

Hostess Gifts

Let your host know how much you appreciate the invite and their friendship with an out of the ordinary gift. We have picked a Roman Lavender botanical candle from Rosy Rings which will knock the socks off any regular candle and look and smell amazing on any kitchen deck.

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