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Available with white tip matches only. 

Wild + Funk's candle matches are housed in a glass apothecary jar desgined to refill, repurpose or recyle.

Each design features a silk-screened design quote and a cork lid with a strike on the bottle strip on the rear of the bottle for easy lighting of all 120 matches. 

Our matches are made in Europe and are 100% ecologically degradable made from fast growing aspen and poplar specifically planted and grown for this usage.

Our match heads are non-toxic.

Dims: 15cm High x 7 cm Diam

Quantity 120 x 9.8cm Matches 

Apothecary Candle Matches -From A Little Spark

TVA Incluse
  • Keep out of reach of children.  Do not keep too close to fireplace as glass may heat up and cause injury. 

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