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Lay back and relax and feel the gentle weight of our calming, Luxe Velvet Heat Pillow and Eye Pillow. From Tonic Australia the Heat Pillow is hand filled with locally sourced Barley and Lavender and the Eye Pillow is hand filled with locally sourced Flaxseed and Lavender. Lavender works to calm the mind and spirit with a beautiful aroma, while the warmth of the heat pillow relieves muscle aches, pain and tension on the body. Enjoy these products separately or together whilst meditating or relaxing. Perfect as a thoughtful gift to a loved one or friend.

Gift set arrives in a gift box

Directions for use:

Heat Pillow - Place your heat pillow on the turntable of a conventional microwave on high for 2 mins. Remove and gently place on body area. To cool, place in refrigerator until desired temperature. 

Eye Pillow - Lie down and make yourself comfortable and gently place your eye pillow across your closed eyes. Aromatic benefits will help to soothe and calm the nervous system. To use warm: Heat on the turntable of a convenetional microwave for 20 seconds, then increments of 10 seconds until you reach desired temperature. Do not overheat.  WARNING: NOT FOR USE IN FLATBED MICROWAVES.

Meditation & Calming Gift Set

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