A fairy bouquet of ethereal violet blooms and water lilies unfold into enchanted amber woods.

Fragrance Notes: Honeydew, Water Lily, Spring Peony, Viola Queen Charlotte, Lilac Leaves, Purple Iris, Violet Wood, Dark Amber, Deep Musk

Fragrance Classification: Floribunda

Ingredients: Birch branches, oak leaves, pansies, rose petals

Details: Rosy Rings botanical candles are filled with real fruit, shells, spices, and other natural elements. As the candle burns down the middle, the botanicals encased in the wax are gorgeously illuminated.

4 �� x 3 �� x 6�.

95 hour burn time.

Made by hand in Denver Colorado - USA

Rosy Rings Botanist Botanical Candle - Viola Queen Charlotte

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