Rosy Rings Botanical Candles are entirely hand made in Denver, Colorado.  Each candle is filled with natural elements and designed so when the candle burns down the middle, the botanicals encased in the wax are gorgeously illuminated.


Available in 2 sizes


Fragrance: The creamy, almost coconut-like sweetness of warm almond milk blended with delicious cardamom.


Fragrance Notes: Almond milk, Cardamom, Cedarwood, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Sandalwood, Tumeric. 


Botanicals: Birch twigs, Coreopsis Flowers, Maple Leawves, Milos Berries, Oak Leaves, Pasque Flower, Phlox Flowers, Rose.


Made in the USA






Rosy Rings Botanical Candle - Pumpkin Cardamom

VAT Included
  • Instructions: Before lighting, remove wrapper and tag from candle. Trim wick to 1/4″ and remove any debris from the candle well before relighting. Discontinue use when 1″ of wax remains. Never leave burning candle unattended. Do not burn candle for longer than 5 hours at a time.

    Avoid using in drafty areas and keep away from flammable materials. Do not allow wick trimmings or other materials to accumulate in the wax pool or fire may result. Always burn candles on a level, non-flammable surface. Do not place candle directly on furnishings or linens.  Keep away from children or pets.