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The universe’s grounding number, 000 is a reset and a refresh for the soul, inviting you to take time to reflect.


000 represents great potential and possibility. As a symbol of eternity, it is a message that a higher power is calling you to action. It can also be a reminder for you to step back from today’s concerns. How does it call to you?


The 000 candle invites deeper introspection with complex yet calming layers of Rose Noir, casting a subtly sweet and intoxicatingly calming aroma throughout your sacred space. Light the 000 candle to reflect on where you've been and where you are going.


Fragrance notes: Rose Noir

Approx burn time: 80 hours

14 oz (10.5 oz Fill)

Made from a soy wax blend

000 / REFLECT / ROSE NOIR Candle

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